Kimet Planning Demo

Kimet Planning is the completest football software on the market with "own intelligence". It's able to plan by yourself in 5 easy steps, according to our own methodology completed by elite football players. Also you could add your own method.

The only smart football software on the market

Plan by yourself in 5 easy steps, according to a self methodology proved by elite football players or add your own method


Plan, organize and manage

It facilitates the development and control of the individual work of each football player and coach, grupal work of each team, the administration of the club, center or federation and the evaluation of each of them.

Proven methodology

Developed in worldwide elite football clubs, supported by Committee of Football Coaches of the Royal Spanish Football Federation and used by Spanish National team coaches and by 1st and 2nd Division coaches.

Customized and easy to use

It allows to adapt the work to every individual need in an easy and fast way, and it also benefits the training process of every user.

Around 1000 exercises

Add as many exercises as you want to our 1000 exercises. With a graphic animator included.


Plan your training sessions

Plan by performing stages

Apply the methodology

Control & Supervise